Kelly Grant (kcatlin) wrote in cuteboyswguns,
Kelly Grant

Essay Participants wanted :)

 I have an essay to write for an english class and I am trying to do the topic of fans of TV shows and there ordnary lives.

We all have something we love about a tv show or movie and other people may think we are weird, but we also have normal lives. We have families, friends, work, school, church, whatever.

the questions I want to cover are:

What is your age?
why you watch?
do you do any 'extra' fan stuff? Like write or read fics, make icons, fanart, blogs, sites, read the books, collect things?

If it helps

I'm a 30 yr old wife w/ a stepson, I read the books for the CSIs & 24, I write D/L fanfic. I love the characters and actors, and some of the storylines.

If you are interested please PM or leave a message by 7:30 pm wed. night. Any fandoms welcome.

Thanks smile.gif
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