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Name: kbfan/Jacki
Age: 34
Location: SE North Carolina
Favorite CBWG Shows: NCIS, The Unit, CSI:NY, CSI, Supernatural, NUMB3RS, Psych, Criminal Minds
Favorite CBWG: Tony DiNozzo, Tim McGee, Bob Brown, Mack Gerhardt, Danny Messer, Don Flack, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Don Eppes, Charlie Eppes, Shawn Spencer, Carlton Lassiter, Derek Morgan
Other: I'm a fic writer and have written in a few of the above fandoms, but not all of them at least not yet. When I have a useful grapphics program on my computer I've been known to make icons, but right now I don't have that capability with my current computer. Looking forward to getting to know more people who love those Boys With Guns.
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